Our team

Dien Stout


Dien Stout is the President and Founder of DienInc. She manages the overall operations including vendor relationships, large contract negotiations and partnerships.

James Williams

Vice President Sales

214-876-5294 / james@dieninc.com

James Williams is responsible for the operations, maintenance and development of sales strategies and financial management of DienInc. He also oversees the purchasing, contract negotiations and marketing strategies.

Jason Blackerby

Account Manager/Sales

214-886-7280 / jason@dieninc.com

Jason Blackerby is responsible of promoting marketing strategies, oversees personal care and  food & beverages products as well as developing business assets for DienInc. Jason brings experience in capturing opportunities by closing exclusive deals and creating and implementing savvy marketing strategies and managing complex business relationships.

Max Nieder

Account Manager/Sales

317-540-9590 / max@dieninc.com

Max Nieder is responsible for developing new business with our core products. Max’s prior experience in the Midwest region brings us  relationships and the marketing background to enable our growth in this key area.

Pat Mernaugh

Director of Business Development

214-751-6819 / pat@dieninc.com


Jackie Beasley

Senior Sales Liaison

214-379-3676 / jackie@dieninc.com


Amy Nielsen

Senior Purchasing Agent

214-634-3436 / amy@dieninc.com

Jennifer Darouse

Customer Service Representative

214-751-6820/ jennifer@dieninc.com


Zach Cannaday

Sales Manager

214-405-2138/ zach@dieninc.com



Deke Mooney

Staff Accountant

214-634-3436/ deke@dieninc.com

Mike Schwenk


214-379-3674 / mike@dieninc.com

Justin Anthony

Warehouse Manager

214-379-3677 / justin@dieninc.com

Jason Smith

Traffic Manager

214-379-3672 / jsmith@dieninc.com

Dian Davis

Diversity Business Mgr

214-379-3678 / dian@dieninc.com